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One of the First and foremost things to remember about pucrhasing or owning a Maserati is that, The Powertrain is the exact same Powertrain that is in the earlier year model Ferrari's. This means that you have the power, and Sound of a Ferrari Engine and transmission but, you will have to follow the same service schedule and same expense as a Ferrari owner. Maintenance and upkeep on the Powertrain is Critical to keep the over all cost down.

Maserati has combined the power and sound of the Ferrari Engine with a beautifully different body design, and Luxury style inside. AWT Motorsports has spent countless hours servicing the Maserati brand for electrical issues, The Infamous " Sticky Buttons " in the interior which we replace with new hardened finish buttons! Timing Belt or General Service Issues, as well as Convertible Top Issues.

AWT Motorsports even carries Maserati tuning Equipment, Factory Tools, and Scanners, Upgraded Suspension equipment, Exhaust, Wheels and Tire packages, Full Factory Scheduled maintenance programs or for those of you that are just a tad bit crazy, Turbo Kits and Supercharger Kits! AWT Motorsports can build your dream Maserati, or Service even the newest model for you.

AWT is your one stop shop for Maserati repair and service in Houston, Texas.

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