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Looking to upgrade or service your car's suspension or shocks. AWT Motorsports has the best options available. We carry only the highest quality brands, including KW, Tein, Hotchkiss, BMR, Whiteline, BC as well as Genuine factory shocks & struts. We won't carry a shock if it's not something we would use on our own personal car.

Is your performance car not riding and driving like the crisp cornering machine it used to? It's probably time for a new set of shocks. The factory shocks typically only last about 50 or 60 thousand miles before they wear out and start failing. Failed, leaking or lifeless old shocks make your car feel unsettled, cause uneven tire wear and can even be dangerous. Your car's shocks are a critical part of the suspension system, and should keep your tires planted on the road. If your shocks haven't been replaced in 40k miles on up, you are definitely due for a new set. 

Let the team at AWT Motorsports select the perfect shock type for your Alfa-Romeo, Aston-Martin, BMW, Bentley, Ferrari, Fiat, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Rolls Royce. Get higher performance, improved handling over stock. Genuine factory shock absorbers are also available for some models if you want a factory ride quality once again. 


We Recommend the following suspension brands

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