Peacemaker 500hp Raptor Package

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Peacemaker 500hp Raptor Package by AWT Motorsports


Peacemaker 500hp Raptor Package

  • PEACEMAKER 500hp RAPTOR Package
    The Heart and Soul of the PEACEMAKER 500hp RAPTOR, this package was designed to produce modest horsepower and torque from the combined performance products without sacrificing reliability and longevity. This combination safely produces additional boost resulting in an increase of power and torque from 450hp to 500+hp and 510 ft.-lbs. to 525+ ft.-lbs. of torque at 3,500rpm, producing 50+ horsepower over the factory!
  • PEACEMAKER High-Flow Exhaust Modification
    This High-Flow Exhaust Modification replaces the factory restrictive turbo adapters with a pair of high-flow turbine adaptors. These larger adapters were designed to maximize flow, greatly reduce back pressure and help lower exhaust gas temperatures all resulting in additional performance gains from the factory down-pipes and exhaust system.
  • PEACEMAKER Dual Inlet Cold Air Induction Kit
    This Dual Inlet Cold Air Induction Kit was designed to improve the performance and air-flow by replacing the restrictive, power robbing single inlet filter assembly. Including, removing the attenuators (turbo noise reducers) inside the OEM intake tubes prior to installation, which decreases spool time and increases overall power. This kit picks-up cool, dense outside air from the front of the vehicle (not from the wheel well or engine bay) and pumps it directly into the engine, unleashing maximum horsepower and torque. The stainless steel tubes and air-box are black powder-coated for long-lasting durability, included are two high-flow reusable pre-oiled air filters.
  • PEACEMAKER Engine Calibration System
    The Engine Calibration System is a refinement of your engine and transmission factory computer system. Countless hours have been spent remapping each table to ensure precision adjustments have been made to optimize performance and drivability. Each vehicle alteration has been calibrated and tested to provide precise accuracy.
  • PEACEMAKER Throttle Tuner System
    The Throttle Tuner System removes response delays by reducing turbo lag and improving low-to-mid range throttle response. Effectively, it allows your engine to respond faster and as a result, you can accelerate faster. Each vehicle alteration is tested to provide precise accuracy and performance.




PEACEMAKER Roll-Up Bed Cover – The Roll-Up Bed Cover provides the security of a hard folding tonneau with the convenience of a roll-up tonneau. Sporting a rugged, leather-grained vinyl, this easy one-handed rolling design locks at full length while the top-mounted buckle straps ensure a compact design through rear window visibility.

PEACEMAKER Performance Brake Package – This Performance Brake Package boosts Front 6-Piston Calipers with 15.50” Vented 2 Pc. Rotors, and Back 4-Piston Calipers with 14.25” Vented 2 Pc. Rotors. With increased braking capacity and surface area, this package delivers consistent stopping power and unparalleled braking performance.
(20 Inch Wheels Required)

PEACEMAKER FOX Live Valve Shock Kit – The FOX Live Valve Shock Kit is a electronically controlled live valve damping system providing continuous and intelligent adjustments in real-time to actively maximize handling, comfort, and bottom-out resistance delivering the ideal ride for any terrain or driving situation. The result is a comfortable and controlled ride with extreme off-road performance. This new technology will be factory installed on 2019 models and designed for 2017-18 models.


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