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Lamborghini history and build up is one of my favorite stories. Beginning after the 2nd World War, and starting off as a mostly Tractor and Industrial Equipment manufacturer. Looking around at all of the leftover equipment after the war Lamborghini began by salvaging anything and everything he could use Tanks, Jeeps, Earth Movers, Compressors,Planes, Parachutes, etc. Lamborghini began building some of the very best equipment available. Upon building his company up to be one of the top manufacturers in Italy ( maybe the world) at that time, Lamborghini purchased what his dream had always been, " Owning a Ferrari ". Upon driving the Ferrari for a period of time, he was surprised at all of the little things he was not impressed with. After a short period of thinking to himself that for a Ferrari this was just not up to par to him. Lamborghini determined, took a day and drove to Maranello to let Enzo Ferrari know the things he disapproved of and just maybe give him tips to better the Ferrari.

Of course Enzo Ferrari thought he was "crazy" and told him so! Asked him to leave his facility, and never return. Lamborghini left after exchanging words, and on the drive home, started thinking of a setup and new vehicle design that he would approve of to, try and take the Mighty Ferrari on as a Sports car builder. So began the new facility, new design, and the birth of the Lamborghini Automobile!

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