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Service for Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

Do you feel the same way about your Mercedes model today as, you did the 1st day you drove into your driveway? From the Beautiful 190SL to the iconic 300SL Gullwing or Roadster. The first Supercharged models to the latest Turbocharged models, the Technology and Innovation just keeps pushing forward. This is why @ AWT we keep pushing forward in studying and working to be the very best to Service or Enhance the performance of your favorite model.

From a simple fluid and filter change, to the all elusive Intake manifold shaft leak or Actuator Flap upgrade. AWT Technicians are Bosch Certified and have over a combined 50 + years experience in repairing or restoring the Mercedes Heritage with Genuine Mercedes or Upgraded Parts.

If you an AMG owner looking for More Power, Better Handling, Carbon Exterior Pieces, or a Perfect sitting Wheel and Tire package. AWT can help you as well. Our experience in Racing preparation and setup as well, gives us access to the very best in aftermarket from Capristo, DTE, Renntech, Weistech Engineering, Borg Warner, Garret, Armytrix, etc.

AWT offers all Factory Service packages, Restoration on ALL or Part of and Performance packages for Every Model of Mercedes including the following


 C Class
 CLA Class
 CLS Class
 E Class
 G Class
 GLA Class
 GLC Class
 GLE Class
 M Class
 S Class
 SL Class


Suspension Service:

Have you ever walked out to your Mercedes just to find the Front, Rear, or Both Have are sitting on the ground? AWT Motorsports specializes in repairing and replacing all parts of the Suspension system. Front the Air Pump, Air Lines/Fittings, as well as the Air Shocks or bags themselves. AWT is able to Adjust the level, Troubleshoot all electrical connections, Air connections, Factory Control modules, Alignment issues, and has all factory equipment to reset the factory lights.

Brake Service:

AWT Motorsports offers Full brake system service, or rebuilding. From replacing Mercedes factory Rotors and Pads, Brake Pad wear sensors, Hardware and Speed sensor replacement.

Brake fluid flushing and service is a very important part of your Mercedes Maintenance. keeping the copper content low in your Brake fluid will keep your Mercedes braking as well as the first day you drove off of the lot.

Drivetrain Service:

Keeping up to date with Oil and Filter changes, is the absolute best thing you can do to ensure a very long life from your Mercedes Engine. Transmission and differential fluid checks, flush and fills,run a close 2nd to your Engine Oil upkeep. AWT recommends checking ALL fluids every 3k miles to keep everything inside your engine, transmission, and Differentials as clean as the first day you purchased your Mercedes.

** AWT Motorsports does NOT recommend following a 10k or 15k mile Oil and Filter change. To keep everything in your engine clean and running well AWT recommends changing your Oil and Filter every 3k or no more than 4k miles between oil and filter changes **

Scheduled Maintenance:

AWT motorsports performs ALL scheduled maintenance service for you Mercedes from the Air Filters, Pollen Filters, and Belts, to the Intake Seals and Timing Chain/TimingBelt services. Oil Leaks, Power Steering leaks, Transmission leaks or Coolant leaks are better to maintain than a costly repair down the road.

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